28 August 2014

How to flash the cwm recovery and root the THL T6S

DISCLAIMER: DO this at your own risk. Using incorrect scatter file, or incorrect CWM/Carliv can brick your phone. I won’t be responsible or liable if anything bad happened to your android device.
What’s you need to have.
The SOP aka instructions
  1. Download all files above and install the drivers.
  2. Download, extract and run SP Flash Tool.
  3. Click scatter loading on right side of SP Flash Tool and browse to where the scatter file is.
  4. Uncheck all the boxes except for recovery.
  5. Click the recovery line and browse to where the downloaded CWM is stored.
  6. Click download at the top of SP Flash Tool.
  7. A warning will pop up letting you know that not all items are selected. Click OK.
  8. Remove the battery from the phone. If you attached the battery, SP Flash Tool will not be able to detect the THL T6S.
  9. Connect the THL T6S to PC via USB – At this point, you will see the preloader  at the bottom of the SP Flash Tool is communicating with the PC. The bar at the bottom of SP Flash Tool will start to move indicating that the file is being transferred. At the end of the flash process, you will see a green circle indicating that the flash process had finished successfully.
  10. Disconnect the USB cable from the phone and Put the battery back into the phone.
  11. Boot into cwm recovery by holding vol up + power button for a few seconds. 
  12. You will see a boot selection menu. Press the vol up button navigate to the Recovery Mode option.
  13. Press the vol down button to enter the newly flashed cwm recovery. Take note that the cwm will be upside down. Navigate through the options by using the vol up & vol down button.
  14. Select Install Zip From SD and then select the UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.99.zip.
  15. Confirm the installation and then reboot the phone.
* For my friends from htcmania who are having problem streaming youtube videos, i would suggest for you to go to advance wifi setting and turn off WiFi optimization. See if that will help.


  1. What am I supposed to do with the drivers archive?

  2. Once you connect the phone to your computer, it will try to install driver for it. It will fail, normally. You will then need to open the Windows 7 Device Manager and install it manually like at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16230189/installing-the-android-usb-driver-in-windows-7.

    Without it, SP Flash wont be able to communicate with the phone.

  3. Or http://iris504qdevelopment.blogspot.com/2013/12/how-to-install-usb-drivers-on-mtk-65xx.html

  4. I get the following error when I try to load the scatter file :(
    Smart Phone Flash Tool
    Error: Initializing scatter file failed. Please check the name of scatter file which you load is legal.

    1. Trying later version 3.1344 of SP Tools, do not get the error, removed the battery, but nothing happens when I connect it...

    2. Yay, done it! When connected the phone without battery with SP Flash Tool open, I also opened the Device Manager and saw there "MT65xx preloder" as unknown device, so I stopped the downloading in flash tool, then tried to update the driver, directing to the folder All MTK USB Driver, windows installed the driver, pushed download button in flash tools again and got the green circle, thank you.

    3. Good to know. Well done. You can use this experience with future mtk based phones.

  5. Grungemann, how is GPS working on Your T6S, any complains? Mine is having hard time maintaining a lock, found on google that this might be because of wrong EPO data and should update it (http://www.gizbeat.com/2159/gizbeat-101-gps-not-working-on-mtk6589-mtk6577-mtk6575/), but I can not do it because there are no menus like "GPS satellites" or "GPS EPO assistance"...

    1. Im at work now. Will check in 6 hours or so.

    2. install fastergps and set from there according where your country

  6. please

    repair bad link for scatter

    Scatter file for the THL T6S is about txt file
    you have bad link----link is some as CWM recovery img


  7. Grungemann thx

    i first rooted thl t6s with vROOT -sucessfull but no works root and check with ROOT CKECKER failed
    i install all driver for mobil
    no generate in MtkDroidTools Scatter file---- Never mind!---your file work
    I have successfully applied your progress and have recovery mode and install superSU from GOOGLEPLAY but also no root rights

    please help

    it is a new phone and while on the internet is not successful guide


    1. download and flash UPDATE-SuperSU-vX.XX.zip from http://download.chainfire.eu/supersu in cwm.

    2. Grungemann thx

      new SuperSU and root rights OK

      very very thx

      please add your progress on the top for other users:
      download and flash UPDATE-SuperSU-vX.XX.zip from http://download.chainfire.eu/supersu in cwm.

  8. Thanks a lot! First and only working instructions on the net for today. The one with vRoot isn't working. I have a result with version 3.1344 of SP Tools.

  9. Grungemann how to OTG function because on other mobiles with MTK6582 CPU is OTG works? Prestigio MultiPhone 5453 , ......
    Be other rom or kernel or where is problem?
    I know that the article is about ROOT.


  10. Wow, thanks man its working, my phone now rooted. btw is this phone support OTG ?

  11. Friends,

    Im a bit busy these few days. I will look into OTG next week.


  12. SuperSu link isn't working.

    1. Its working on my side.. but you can get it from http://download.chainfire.eu/supersu

  13. I believe the T6S does not support OTG guys...

  14. Hello!

    Thank for this... but not work here...

    I have "Error: Initializing scatter file failed. Please check the name of scatter file which you load is legal." when I tried to browse scatter file...

    I don't understand the solution before... (i'm french)

    1. Which version of SP Flash software did you use?

    2. Message: Error: Initialize scatter file failed. Please check the scatter file name you load is legal

      Meaning: SP Flash tool doesn't accept the name format of your scatter file

      Solution: Ensure the scatter file wasn't renamed. If you're certain it wasn't, try a higher version of SP Flash tool

    3. Yes, sorry...

      I try with the last SP flash tool, and it works good!

      Now, wait for a real rom for this phone... very fucki** Stock ROM with many error, don't save sync account at restart, etc...
      (French user)

  15. When I connect the phone without battery , windows disconnect and reconnect the phone. What I can do?

    1. Open sp flash and load scatter file. Dont connect the phone yet. Then press the Download button at the SP Flash tool software. Then remove battery from phone and connect to pc via usb cable.

      Windows should detect the phone, install the required drivers and the download process will start.

  16. Hello, after flashing recovery T6S THL, the image is upside down compared to the button or upside down compared to the phone. Do you have a solution to put everything correctly. Kind regards.
    I am French.

    1. Salut!

      Cherche pas c'est normal :)

    2. Thanks Spence Foxtrot for your assistance.

  17. This is all right but is not recognized because it is continually switched off usb

    1. Did u remove the battery from the phone before connecting it to the pc?

  18. oh yaa bro btw which one slot card for 3G micro or standar ?

  19. He perdido el imei y no me deja ponerlo. Pueden hacer un backup? O ayudarme de algún modo en mi problema?

  20. I lost imei and will not let me put it. They can make a backup? Or somehow help me in my problem?

    1. Lost imei? what's you want to say?

    2. I have proved this method but it follows without working the imei. Some another solution?

  21. I bricked my phone ... Any solution? Could someone make a backup of this phone and post it ? They could tell me some solution more ?

    1. what is the complet pb?
      when you say bricked, it light on? yu have the recovery mode? you have the fastboot?

    2. Go to http://www.needrom.com/download/thl-t6s/ and download the firmware for the T6S and follow the instructions there,

    3. To change imei, go to http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2734161 and follow instruction there. Imei number is on back of the phone, under battery.

    4. n flastool stays red and does not go from there . Neither .At lights flashing press the power button flash .

    5. follow the steps from beginning of installing cwm recovery until step 9. The difference is only on the 4 where you need to select all options. You can flash cwm instead of the stock recovery as well.

    6. The problem is that nothing but red, reaching 100% and stops. Any solution?

    7. No clear solution I can find at this moment. It can be just an incomplete flash. Did you try to re-flash it?

  22. foiled root flashtool doing this and then nothing https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/65881197/Screenshot%202014-12-16%2003.28.18.png what to do

  23. hi! I have problem with my THL T6S after custom rom with http://www.needrom.com/download/lewa-os-5/ touchscreen not work, so I restore with stock rom THL T6S with http://www.needrom.com/download/thl-t6s/, and after restore to stock rom touchscreen also not working, please help me?

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  47. Atfer flashed it via SP Flash, Can't enter to cwm recovery, only stock…
    Can someone help?

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